Aggravated Vehicle Taking


If you are accused of taking a vehicle without consent and the vehicle is either:

  • Driven dangerously,
  • Involved in an accident where someone was injured,
  • Involved in an accident where any property is damaged, or
  • The stolen vehicle is damaged,

then you will be charged with the offence of aggravated vehicle taking. This is a more serious offence than TWOC, and carries a higher risk of a prison sentence. Aggravated vehicle taking is an either way offence, so can be heard in either the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court. As there is a greater chance of a prison sentence if you are convicted, it is important to instruct the best solicitor to advise you and represent you in Court.

Often the police only recover a stolen vehicle after it has been abandoned, and arrest suspects based on forensic evidence like DNA. Items of clothing recovered from a stolen vehicle, or DNA samples from saliva or blood could connect you with the vehicle being stolen. In cases like this, you need a solicitor who can assess what the forensic evidence actually means, and present your case of innocent reasons why this evidence has been found.