Crown Court


If a case is too serious to be dealt with by the Magistrates Court, it is heard in the Crown Court.

If your case is committed to the Court, you will be represented by either a solicitor-advocate or a barrister. The procedures in the Court are much more formal than in the Magistrates Court, and there can be long delays before a case is completed once it has been sent to the Court.

Spartans Law deals with a full range of offenses in the  Court, from GBH, Terrorism, Robberies, and Murders. We have a team of qualified solicitor-advocates who can represent our clients in the Court. We also have links to leading barristers in the country.

We always ensure that you are represented by an advocate who we know will work hard for you, and do as much as possible to get the best result in your case. If you, or someone you know, have a question about a Crown Court case, Contact Us to see how we can help you.