Dangerous Dogs

We at Spartans Law have vast experience in defending dangerous dogs allegations which date back over many years. The firm’s reputation for committed and rigorous defence work means that we attract some of the most serious criminal cases in the country.

The principal offence relating to dangerous dogs is that of having a dog which is dangerously out of control in a public place. If the dog is alleged to have injured a person, this is an aggravated offence. There are also offences related to the ownership of certain types of dog. Penalties for these offences can include both imprisonment and the destruction of the dog.

Applications can also be made to the Courts for orders seeking either the control or the destruction of dogs even if criminal proceedings are not commenced.

Proceedings in relation to dangerous dog’s matters can be complex and it is essential that assistance is sought at an early stage so that these matters can be properly defended. Contact Us now for further details.