Private Fees

While we always try to offer representation under the Legal Aid funding system, there are some situations where this is not an option. Sometimes it is because the Court determines that the allegation  such as Private Fees is not serious enough to justify a publicly-funded solicitor, even though the effect of the case for you could be significant. More commonly, you may be refused Legal Aid if you earn over a certain threshold as the courts will draw the conclusion that you can afford to pay for representation yourself.

At Spartans law we understand that you have enough to worry about when facing a criminal allegation without having additional concerns about finances too. We also know that you would want the best representation possible for your case where the budget is kept as low as possible. Therefore we provide the following:

Free initial client consultation

Fixed fee, based on our standard hourly rates, the amount of work we anticipate will be needed to prepare your case, and any additional expenses that may be required such as instructing barristers or experts.

Even cases in the Crown Court can sometimes be more cost effective if you fund your case privately. The Legal Aid system now requires certain people with high incomes to contribute to the cost of their defence, with a number of monthly contributions being required. In cases like this, we can sometimes offer more competitive prices to fund your defence.

In many cases, we are able to apply for the recovery of your costs after successfully defending your case like Private Fees. This means that we can apply to the court for our costs to be paid from Central Government Funds, and can then refund the money you have already paid to us.

Our fees in relation to driving offences, where a legal aid representation order cannot be granted is £1,500.

If you have been accused of a criminal offence, and would like a free initial discussion with one of our solicitors about the services we offer, Contact Us to see how we can help you.