Syed T. Shah

(Principal & Solicitor With Rights Of Audience)

Syed is the senior and principal solicitor at Spartans Law and has worked at a leading law firm in criminal defence and has represented clients from terrorism, murders, attempted murder, s18 grievous bodily harm, complex fraud. Syed has remained a ‘’tour de force’’ within the firm.

Syed has a local and nationwide following and has defended some of the most serious cases which have received press coverage. His affable nature of relating to his clientele’s individual needs speaks for itself.

Syed is known for his astute and supportive approach to cases, offering sophisticated and above all strategic and pragmatic criminal law advice. Syed is a seasoned solicitor and a highly experienced advocate.
Syed’s reputation is based on his quality assistance to his clientele, protecting their rights and interests and striving to get them the best possible result. Syed’s constant persistence in dealing with his clientele’s issues is well known, often dealing with multiple and complex matters at any one time.

Being extremely passionate about what he does, he considers all cases, no job is too complicated or too small for him. Syed is ardent about his crown court cases, regardless of whether it is a guilty or not guilty plea, his preparation for all hearings is second to none. He has a clear and articulate way of presenting his cases. He works tirelessly to secure the best outcome for his clientele.

Syed is able to fluently communicate in English, Urdu, and Punjabi.


Parminder Matharu


Parminder has been a practising solicitor since 2006. He joined Spartans law in 2017 and within a short period of time, he has become the head of the crime department.

He is widely regarded as an ‘unsurpassed’ solicitor in serious criminal cases. He has extensive experience in murder, terrorism, road traffic offences, Rape, and Kidnap, Robbery, GBH cases amongst others.

He regularly represents those arrested and interviewed at police stations across England where he is admired for his astute demeanour in representing his clients.

Parminder works tirelessly towards the best interest of his clients and ensures they are updated at all times. He has worked alongside a number of barristers who have commended him for his work.

Parminder is fluent in English and Punjabi.


Samina kausar


Samina joined Spartans Law in 2017. She has previously worked in a range of law firms. She completed her LLB law degree from Nottingham Trent University and successfully completed her Legal practice course in 2016 at Hertfordshire University.

As well as completing her compulsory modules in her legal practice course. Samina also undertook modules in commercial law, family law, and personal injury.
Samina regularly represents clients at the police station and Magistrates court.

She handles the most complex and serious Crown Court cases, from murder to complex fraud matters.

Samina has an appreciation for the concerns of her clients and has the ability to empathise with the difficulties they are having when they come to her for legal assistance. She always endeavours to deliver the most favourable outcome for each of the clientele.

Samina is able to fluently comminute with her clientele in English, Urdu, and Punjabi.


Zara Akhtar

(Trainee Solicitor)

Zara joined Spartans law in 2018. She has previously worked in an international law firm in London. Following her LLB law degree, she undertook the legal practice course at BPP law school achieving a distinction grade.

As well as completing her compulsory modules in her legal practice course, Zara also undertook modules in advanced criminal litigation, advanced commercial property, and debt finance.

Zara has a wealth of experience in working with vulnerable adults and children.

Zara regularly assists Syed Toqeer Shah to the Magistrate’s Court and Crown Court and works on the most serious cases.

Zara has extensive legal knowledge in representing clients at the police station. Her varied experiences give Zara an excellent understanding of multiple aspects of law which she uses to achieve the best result for her clientele.



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